The RIBA CPD Providers Network is celebrating 25 years as a trusted and highly-regarded UK CPD provider.

The RIBA CPD Providers Network is celebrating 25 years as a trusted and highly-regarded UK CPD provider.

Over the past quarter of a century, the RIBA CPD Providers Network has facilitated a platform for architects to develop professionally, whilst also enabling manufacturers to educate the industry about their products. In 2018, more than 5,500 free in-house CPDs were delivered to over 41,000 specifiers.

Created in 1994 and delivered by NBS and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the platform helps architects achieve their annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations whilst learning from over 550 members, including the best product manufacturers.

Alongside the opportunity to build new relationships, being a RIBA-accredited CPD provider offers unrivalled credibility, with many manufacturers acknowledging the importance of CPD within the industry by choosing to use it as part of their marketing plan.

For architects, and other professionals in the construction industry, hearing first-hand from manufacturers about new products and technologies (while simultaneously keeping their skills up to date) is a huge benefit. As a result, the network has proved to be one of the most successful and trusted resources in the industry.

Another benefit, as Head of CPD at the RIBA Joni Tyler points out, is that it’s both free and flexible.

Joni explained: “Architects can access RIBA-assessed technical CPD courses at a time that suits them, either online or in a seminar or workshop at their office.

“They can also attend one of our free CPD Roadshows across the UK. It means they can meet their CPD requirements, as well as learn about new developments, in a quick and easy way.”

To retain their RIBA membership, chartered architects must complete at least 35 hours of CPD each year and achieve a minimum of 100 ‘learning points’. The standards against which the course material is assessed constantly evolve in line with best practice and changing industry requirements. This means safer and more informed specification decisions, using the latest information.

Network Providers must pass a rigorous assessment before being able to deliver their CPDs to construction industry professionals. Once their CPD presentations are approved, they benefit from help with marketing their course material, from promotions on, and from other market-leading websites and newsletters. They are also free to use the widely recognised and valued RIBA CPD logos on their company materials for a further seal of approval.

Any manufacturer, trade association, consultancy or training body can become a part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network. Its existing member base covers the industry spectrum, from air conditioning installers to security specialists.

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