Natural stone and terrazzo specialist Diespeker & Co has launched its Terrazzo Design Studio. 

This free online app allows users to get creative with unique terrazzo designs, with the ability to manipulate the size and style of chippings and play with multiple colour options. What’s more, the resulting designs can then be recreated as actual terrazzo tiles.

A visual panel enables users to choose from a selection of chippings, then drag and drop them onto a digital canvas where they can be resized and rotated to create the desired look. 

The colour of the chippings can be changed by using a colour picker or, for an exact shade, by entering a hex code. It’s also possible to alter the colour of the canvas itself. This represents the terrazzo binding which in the ‘real world’ would be cement or resin. The app also offers three pre-defined patterned backgrounds to provide inspiration.

Once a design is complete, it can be downloaded as a PDF, printed or saved, facilitating further changes at a later date.  

As well as presenting an unusual way to while away the time, the app is also a practical tool for interior designers and architects. Terrazzo designs from the app can be made up as samples by Diespeker’s bespoke team, who will match the chippings and colours as closely as possible. 

There is a small charge to do this, but it means that anyone serious about creating their own bespoke terrazzo can see their ideas come to life. It’s worth noting that the sample cost is refundable should terrazzo later be commissioned for a project.  

John Krause, MD of Diespeker, said: “Although there are a handful of apps that enable terrazzo designs to be created, we believe this is the most comprehensive of its type, and the only one that allows ideas to be made real at the touch of a button.

“Producing bespoke terrazzo designs to client specification is one of the key skills we’re known for, and this app is the perfect tool as the first step in the design process.”

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