Kerakoll Group, a world leader in GreenBuilding materials, has merged its two British subsidiaries, Kerakoll UK Ltd and Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd, into one organisation.

The company, which acquired the Tilemaster brand in 2017, is targeting ambitious growth, with the announcement of a £30 million investment plan for a cutting-edge new production plant.

The combination of the distinctive skills of Tilemaster and Kerakoll will allow the company to further strengthen the bond with their key stakeholders- retailers, contractors, fixers and specifiers - offering them greater opportunities in terms of both product and service. The merged company will have a single management team coordinating all activities, thus creating synergies which will allow the Group to better position itself in the market.

Vincenzo Asta, Kerakoll Group’s International Business Market Coordinator, said: “This new organisational structure represents a great opportunity to become a leader in the UK market by offering excellent products, technologies and services. We are certain that our outstanding professionalism and the quality of our team will give us the opportunity to achieve these ambitious growth targets in the years to come.”

Filippo Iacconi, Kerakoll UK’s Managing Director since 2016, said: “Our aim is to create a state-of-the art company capable of responding quickly to the growing complexities and challenges of a highly competitive market by getting closer and closer to our customers. Our starting point will be this new integrated commercial structure representing both of our brands and our target markets, Ceramics and Flooring, over the whole territory.

“Over the next five-year period, from 2020 to 2024, countless activities and projects will be launched as part of our £30 million investment plan.”

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