Neolith Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

Neolith Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

Sintered stone brand Neolith has announced that it has achieved carbon neutral status. In 2019 the brand recorded no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from gate-to-gate emissions.

To attain the carbon neutral status Neolith followed the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and implemented a dynamic, innovation-led sustainability strategy coupled with tactical, high value carbon-offsetting. 

This has led to carbon neutrality across the entire business, significantly seeing the brand receiving 100% of its electricity in 2019 from renewable energy sources. This measure removed a massive 7,690 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Furthermore 90% of the waste generated by Neolith is recycled and given a second life either with company operations or through authorised third-party players. This demonstrates a robust commitment to the circular economy.

Neolith’s surfaces also embody these principles, with up to 48% of slab composition obtained from recycled material. 

Mar Esteve Cortes, Neolith’s CMO, said: “Given the brand’s founding vision, achieving carbon neutrality represents the achievement of a core company objective. I’m proud that architects, designers and consumers can choose Neolith’s surfaces, confident they are investing in the greenest Sintered Stone available. This will make their projects even more eco-friendly.”

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