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Palace Chemicals Steps UP To Fight COVID-19

Palace Chemicals Steps UP to Fight COVID-19

Building products manufacturer Palace Chemicals rose to the challenge presented by COVID-19 by starting to produce hand sanitiser and hard surface spray in industrial quantities.

Palace Chemicals has supplied millions of units of surgical spirit to some of the UK’s leading high street pharmacies for more than 25 years. Already-established practices meant the company had the standard and scale of facilities needed to store, process and pack all products based on this category of solvent, which could now be extended to include alcohol-based sanitisers, in the form of hand gels and hard surface spray.

Technical director, Jim Percival said: “Both products are part of the key defence mechanisms advised by the government to maintain good hand and surface hygiene, enabling the population to meet the necessary increased degree of cleanliness controls that are now a part of everyday life.

“Adhering strictly to guidance from the World Health Organisation, a formulation was developed and tested by both our research and development department and an accredited microbiological testing laboratory to ensure the products we now offer have the appropriate degree of efficacy and skin compatibility, both essential requirements for this now daily hygienic practice to be conducted safely and with confidence by all end users.”

Charles Clapham MBE, managing director, said: “We are delighted to be able to say that we are helping the efforts to protect against COVID-19 by producing hand sanitiser and surface spray.  In recent weeks we have all seen reports of shortages, and we need to all do our bit to ensure that such products are in good supply. 

“There is no doubt that sanitiser is a ‘must-have’ and is here for the long term.”

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