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Tile of Spain Awards Winners Announced

Tile of Spain Awards Winner Architecture: House in Puntiró (Mallorca) by Ripoll-Tizón architects

Hosted by ASCER, the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association, the judging panel of the 22nd Tile of Spain Awards for Architecture and Interior Design has now met and made its decision. Chaired by renowned architect Carme Pinós (and including Jesús Olivares of COR Asociados Arquitectos, designer Inma Bermúdez of Diariodesign, Gracia Cardona, and Susana Babiloni, president of the Architects' Association of Castellón) the jury reached a unanimous decision, awarding €15,000 to each of the winners in the architecture and interior design categories. 

Architecture: House in Puntiró (Mallorca) by Ripoll-Tizón architects

The jury valued the unitary nature of the project, in which the materials and the architectural resolution are assembled in a coherent way. The materiality, structure and solutions are notably balanced and it’s clear these aspects have been considered together from the start. The skill of the authors in the selection of materials and construction details is outstanding, the jury remarked. 

Interior design: Casa Isabel la Católica. Drawing José Mª García de Paredes by Agustín Gor Gómez (GRX Arquitectos.

The jury highlighted the use of a timeless and standard 10x10cm ceramic piece, which articulates the entire programme of the house, adapting to its plasticity. The application of the same material throughout generates movement and has the versatility to adapt to all types of surface, even curves. The careful work in choosing the chromatic range for the entire project was also noted. 

In addition, a decision was taken to award a special mention in the interior design category to the project Casa Nube by Studio Animal. The jury commended the project's approach to addressing the common challenge of reforming small or medium-sized, highly compartmentalised dwellings. The proposed solution organises the living space by placing all public functions on one side, private areas on the other, and a 'cloud-shaped’ area in between. This structure houses the wet areas and acts as a filter between the private spaces and the communal areas of the dwelling.

The purpose of the Tile of Spain Awards is to raise a greater awareness of the use of Spanish tiles in architectural and interior design projects (both in Spain and abroad) and are well-established with a prestigious reputation among architects and interior designers worldwide.

The Tile of Spain Awards are sponsored by Endesa and the Port Authority of Valencia and are supported by the Department of Finance, Economy and Public Administration of the Generalitat Valenciana through an agreement signed with ASCER.

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