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A new start for Levelflex Kerakoll’s self-levelling compound range

Tilemaster Adhesives has always been known for its levelling compounds, and Levelflex is one of the company’s most popular products. Kerakoll has built on this heritage with the introduction of the Levelflex range of self-levelling compounds. 

With the new range Kerakoll has taken the best of the Tilemaster collection, and redeveloped it to be more environmentally friendly with the addition of the GreenBuilding rating and the fact that all products are now rated GEV Emicode EC1 Plus. It is composed of four products: Levelflex Gel, Levelflex External, Levelflex Rapid and Levelflex Fibre.

The first, Levelflex Gel uses Kerakoll’s gel technology for a multipurpose, easy-to-apply compound that can be used on many different substrates including flooring grade plywood, and even metal, producing outstanding results every time. Its variable rheology and thixotropicity allow you to adapt it to the specific requirements of your project, giving you exceptional control whether you need a free-flowing self-smoothing layer, or a more robust self-levelling application that can be trowelled to greater depths. The surface finish is flawless, avoiding the need for remedial work before tiling. Levelflex Gel is rapid-setting, capable of receiving foot traffic or tiles after 90 mins, but still has a prolonged working time of 30 mins, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Levelflex External is the new embodiment of External Leveller, a rapid-setting self-levelling compound specifically developed for use outside and in areas submerged in water. It incorporates Frost Protect, a blend of additives specially selected to prevent frost damage during the freeze-thaw process when used externally. Levelflex External is ideal for use in wet areas and swimming pools as part of the Kerakoll swimming pool system as it maintains performance even when submerged. It can also be used as a wearing surface in areas exposed to light to medium foot traffic.

Levelflex Rapid has been formulated for fast-track installation; ultra-rapid setting, it is ready to accept foot traffic and tiles after only 30 minutes, and finally Levelflex Fibre is a fast-setting compound that has been reinforced with fibre, making it ideal for new build and renovation works. It is ready to receive foot traffic and tiles after three hours.

More information is available on the Kerakoll website. You can also contact your Local Sales Representative, or the customer service team to arrange a trial or answer any questions that you may have.

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