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Adaptable UFH Technologies

Schlüter-Systems Adaptable Underfloor Heating Technologies

Schlüter-Systems, as a leading manufacturer of tile installation products, also offers both conventional underfloor heating (UFH) and an electrical undertile heating alternative suitable for diverse applications: the manufacturer’s two CAD-enabled options for the 21st century - BEKOTEC-THERM and DITRA-HEAT E. 

The first is a hydronic system that can be installed in the traditional way beneath different floor finishes throughout the home or in commercial buildings. But unlike many rival UFH systems, BEKOTEC-THERM is based on studded modular panels which are quick and easy to install and offer a low build height with rapid warm up times. A screed is laid across the pipe runs and, rather than waiting weeks for it to cure, tiling operations can commence as soon as the surface is hard enough to walk on by using Schlüter-Systems’ DITRA uncoupling mat which means BEKOTEC-THERM is ideal for time-critical refurbishment contracts such as in shops and offices. 

Then, as an electric powered undertile solution, applications for DITRA-HEAT E are only limited by the imagination: they encompass demisting mirrors, warming walls or seats in spas and showers, and vanity areas or countertops. DITRA-HEAT further finds applications for flooring and plant shelving in conservatories while the system has been specified widely in prestigious locations such as The Lanesborough Hotel and Langham’s in London.

Schlüter-Systems’ Technical Specifications Consultant, Tony Taylor-Sheriff, commented: “UFH technology has progressed enormously since the Roman Hypocaust, but there is still much that is not understood across the wider construction industry regarding relevant efficiencies and potential problems such as the importance of uncoupling layers, load distribution and vapour management. Our solutions have been developed to help professionals achieve quick and energy efficient installations, with BEKOTEC-THERM, for example, being able to offer the benefit of low temperature flow which makes it ideal for use with heat pumps or other renewable sources of heat. DITRA-HEAT E likewise offers rapid response and is very flexible in use.”

For specifiers and architects, as well as installers of flooring finishes wishing to increase their knowledge of underfloor heating technology, Schlüter-Systems also offers a CPD seminar entitled Specifying Integrated Underfloor Heating Systems which can be delivered online or in person.

With more than 2,300 employees and seven offices across Europe and North America, Schlüter-Systems is the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of system solutions for the function, protection and decoration of tiles and natural stone flooring. Schluter-Systems in the UK offers a very wide product portfolio including the Schluter-KERDI range waterproofing membranes, the versatile tilebacker KERDI-BOARD and its underfloor heating solutions.


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