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Wellington Tiles handmade terracotta suit all interior styles

Wellington Tiles’ collection of terracotta tiles includes five different design formats to suit all interior schemes, from rustic farmhouse-style to urban loft.  All tiles are handmade and are supplied in their raw, natural state for sealing in-situ. The designs are offered from UK stock, with expert advice available from Wellington Tiles’ in-house technical team.

The Handmade Terracotta Collection includes two square format tiles – measuring 340 x 340 x 25mm and 200 x 200 x 20mm – and a rectangular ‘brick’ tile measuring 75 x 300 x 20mm.  These are joined by a 150 x 150 x 75mm hexagon tile and a decorative Fleur-de-lis design in a 200 x 222 x 20mm format. Being handmade, there are variations in the width of each design. The colour tones of the baked clay span from rose, to leather-red and rich cinnamon, combining to create instant warmth. Subtle pits across the tile’s surface reinforce the wholesome, vintage look.

Tiles can be sealed using either the traditional method of Boiled Linseed Oil and a paste wax, which will deepen the colour tone and create a traditional shine, or by applying a synthetic impregnator. Treatment before and after grouting is recommended.  LTP protection and maintenance solutions are available from Wellington Tile, along with installation products and tools. 

Founded in 1981, Wellington Tile Company is one of the UK’s leading tile merchants, offering an extensive range of natural and engineered stone and tiles.  To find out more, to request samples and shop, please visit the website below, email or call Wellington Tiles on 01823 667242.

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