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NBS, the leading specification platform for the construction industry, has teamed up with the Engineering and Manufacturing Network (EMN) to provide guided support and best practice advice to its members.

This collaboration will further strengthen EMN members’ business interests at a local and national level, ensuring industry-wide compliance.

The partnership follows ongoing discussions between EMN and NBS on how best to collaborate, and aims to assist EMN businesses in understanding complex information, such as changing regulations and project-specific safety compliance.

Ben Gilhespy, Director of Operations at EMN, said: “Many of our members’ businesses undertake work that supplies to construction professionals. We would like to expand in the sector but our experience lies elsewhere. A partner was needed to boost our credentials and help our members increase their visibility. Partnering with NBS will provide us with a consultative approach to support our members’ businesses further.’

Richard Waterhouse, CSO of NBS, added: “Manufacturing is central to the UK’s economic growth, especially in the North East. These businesses are the backbone of our local economy and have the potential to deliver jobs and prosperity in the years ahead.

“With the ‘golden thread’ looking to extend best practice, transparency, and accountability universally amongst built environment professionals, it's important to equip specifiers with relevant and accurate information and processes. NBS are experts in providing up-to-date standards-setting information, from policy through to procedure. Our best practice guidance is easily understood and will help EMN to strengthen the voice of manufacturing and construction businesses in the North East.”

Commenting on the partnership, Sascia Elliott, Head of Partnerships at NBS, said: “NBS and EMN have a similar aim, to raise industry standards. NBS can reach out to EMN's membership on a consultative basis, identifying genuine needs to help members grow or solve problems, in line with best practice.”

NBS Source actively supports manufacturers, helping them reach their full potential in line with changing needs in the industry. This powerful digital platform provides easy access to product information in a detailed and structured format, shaping performance criteria and certification, overcoming business issues, and improving efficiencies. All this equates to a more vibrant and connected sector.

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